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Templeton-Rye Whiskey-"Small Batch" 750 ML

Templeton-Rye Whiskey-"Small Batch" 750 ML

$40.00 Net

"The Good Stuff" to those in the know, this recipe came out of a small town in Iowa (Templeton pop: 350) once prohibition hit in the 1920's.
Al Capone's whiskey of choice, this bottle quickly became one of the pillars of his bootlegging empire, and legend suggests that a few bottles even found their way into the hallowed walls of Alcatraz, discovered in the cell of prisoner AZ-85.  No one except for a few people know the exact recipe, but with a mash of over 90% rye (and malted barley for the remainder), true rye whiskey aromas bound out of the glass, and a palate of cherry candies, pie spice, toffee, cold smoke, and hints of oak, combined with a long and clean finish make you understand why this stuff is so revered.  Great in a classic manhattan or old fashioned, or just straight up neat or on the rocks, this rye whiskey is truly something special, and you will absolutely love every ounce of it 'til the last drop escapes from the bottle into your glass.


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