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Domaine Larue-Saint Aubin-"Murgers des Dents de Chien" 1er Cru-2012

Domaine Larue
Saint Aubin
"Murgers des Dents de Chien" 1er Cru


Right next to Puligny is Saint Aubin and there are great “deals” Côte d’Or White Burgundy here. “Murgers…” is a pitching wedge from Chevalier Montrachet. Classic sulfide-y nose along with preserved lemon, scorched earth, grapefruit extract & quince paste. Has mighty fine “stuffing.”  

Connor's Corner, March 4, 2015 Newsletter:
Our White Burgundy tasting two weeks's ago sure was a delicious one. White Burgundy is always something that gets us excited, and the line-up was strong from start to finish. So many different styles: all unique, delicious and classic in their own way.

For me, the standout of the tasting was Domaine LaRue Saint Aubin "Murgers des Dents de Chien" 1er Cru 2012 ($48) This Chardonnay drinks like the big boys of Burgundy... eyes closed and I would say Puligny Montrachet. (It is situated nearby...) This wine is rich, buttery, voluptuous and fruity. But it’s so much more. During the tasting, I described the wine to a customer as a fighter because while it may start out like your generic Cali-butter bomb, it keeps on changing in your mouth. It demands to be taken seriously and screams with all manner of nuance and complexity saying, “I am more than the sum of my new oak and secondary fermentation!” In all seriousness, this is a glorious wine that will please all lovers of Chardonnay: New World and Old World, Classicists and Modernists, Wine Snobs and Starving Students alike.

You’ll see this wine again... I’m set on creating a dish to pair with for our Food and Wine Blog. Scallops and Spring Peas perhaps?

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