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Corsair-Cabernet Sauvignon-Napa Valley-2008

Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley


You can only find this wine here at Back Room Wines. Mostly “Stagecoach Vineyard” fruit with 10% Petit Verdot from Oakville (5% each Merlot and Malbec in the blend too). Smell and taste smoky and spicy black cherries, black truffle, black currants, vanilla and dark tobacco. This is rich with supple tannins and a long, fairly spicy finish. 160 cases made.

Question and answer time:
1. Where's the wine from, and who made it? 
Corsair is a Cabernet made for Back Room Wines by a "boutique" Napa Cab/Cab blend specialist who sells their own wine for $90-$150/bottle. We've had, love and sell their wines here. We can honestly say that the Corsair is almost as good as their more expensive brothers and sisters. At this point, you've probably surmised that we can't write here who the wine came from. But we can say it. When you order, we'll let you in on the secret.

2. What are the fruit sources?
"Stagecoach Vineyard" on Atlas Peak is the primary vineyard source, with Calistoga and upper Valley floor making up the rest. There is 10% Petit Verdot from a great, famous Valley floor vineyard in the blend along with 5% each Malbec and Merlot. It's all really good fruit.

3. Oak? Alcohol?
All tight-grained, French oak, medium toast, roughly 2/3 new, for 29 months. 14.8% alcohol.

4. What's with the name Corsair?  
I decided in my infinite wisdom last year that college mascots make good names for wines.
This enlightenment came  when customers walked in asking for Badger (Wisconsin) and Wolverine (Michigan) wines. (Niether of which I've heard of, BTW.)
I went to College of the Redwoods Junior College in Eureka, California.
We were the Corsairs.
I went to UNLV after, but Rebels was taken.
Do you know what a Corsair is? It was a feared U.S. fighter plane of the Pacific during World War II and also a French pirate. Not sure which one Redwoods had in mind when they picked the mascot.
Re. the label: to keep the cost down and the classiness up, I gave the designers the cover of The Beatles' White Album as a starting point.

5. What does the wine taste like?
It's a great expression of "modern" Napa Valley Cab. Ripe without the raisins, rich, lusty, spicy, voluptuous wine. Black cherry liqueur, dark chocolate, espresso, clove, woodsmoke, dark tobacco. Lower acid, creamy mouthfeel, thirty second finish.

We couldn't be happier with the style and the quality of this, Back Room's maiden voyage into private-label wine. 
Response so far has been stellar.
Matt from Kansas City wrote us last week, "Holy sxxx is Corsair yummy. Wow!"
I wrote Matt back that he has exceptional taste for fine wine. :-)
Michael from Honolulu has decided to use Corsair Cabernet for his clients' Christmas gifts, and Bert from Indiana just wrote me, "I dug through a bunch of boxes to find the Corsair and had my first half of a bottle last night. I really enjoyed it and think you did an awesome job."

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You are in Back Room Wines' archived wine section. This wine is no longer in stock. However, we'd like to know of your interest in this wine in case we get it again. Please click "Contact Me" and let us know. Thank you!

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