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Scholium Project-"Dulcissima Camilla"-"Farina Vineyard" California-2013

Scholium Project
"Dulcissima Camilla"
"Farina Vineyard" California


100% Sauvignon Blanc from “Farina Vineyard” on Sonoma Mountain. One of the most AROMATIC Sauvignon Blancs you will have. Tropical and orchard fruits with an appealing citrus blossom edge on the nose. More of the same in the taste. Smooth texture, generous flavors. Have with Thai shrimp or pork. Sweetest Camilla: Roman mythology warrior. She fought in the Trojan War.
In Roman mythology, Camilla of the Volsci was the daughter of King Metabus and Casmilla. Driven from his throne, Metabus was chased into the wilderness by armed Volsci, his infant daughter in his hands. The river Amasenus blocked his path, and, fearing for the child's welfare, Metabus bound her to a spear. He promised Diana that Camilla would be her servant, a warrior virgin. He then safely threw her to the other side, and swam across to retrieve her. The baby Camilla was suckled by a mare, and once her "first firm steps had [been] taken, the small palms were armed with a keen javelin; her sire a bow and quiver from her shoulder slung." She was raised in her childhood to be a huntress and kept the companionship of her father and the shepherds in the hills and woods.

The river 'Amasenus' is said to have been used by Virgil as a poetic reference to the Amazons with whom Camilla is associated.

In the Aeneid, she helped her ally, King Turnus of the Rutuli, fight Aeneas and the Trojans in the war sparked by the courting of Princess Lavinia. Arruns, a Trojan ally, stalked Camilla on the battlefield, and, when she was opportunely distracted by her pursuit of Chloreus, killed her.[4] Diana's attendant, Opis, at her mistress' behest, avenged Camilla's death by slaying Arruns.[5] Virgil claimed that Camilla once ran so swiftly she could run over a field of wheat without breaking the tops of the plants or across the seas without wetting her feet.

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