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FX Pichler-Gruner Veltliner-Durnsteiner "Kellerberg" Smaragd, Wachau-2012

FX Pichler
Gruner Veltliner
Durnsteiner "Kellerberg" Smaragd, Wachau


Fantastic vineyard. Barren, rocky, hillside site that gets morning sun then cools down late in the day. FX Pichler, known to make “robust” whites, nails it here. Get honeyed melon, mango, passionfruit, banana, glycerine, minerals, Chinese peppercorns. This is intoxicating, memorable. Really a value relative to other great whites in the world.   

From F.X. Pichler re. Kellerberg:

There is an international consensus that this is the absolute model vineyard. This vertiginous, barren and purist primitive-rock terrace, which is exposed from south to south-east and located at the exit of a side valley, creates a very special microclimate. The Kellerberg vineyard is already pampered by the sun early in the morning. During night, cool air streaming in from the bordering woods fosters the development of the complex texture and delicately nuanced, usually exotic aromas and flavors typical of this wine. In fall, large temperature differences between day and night shape the grapes. Honey melon, mango, passion fruit, banana and fully ripe peach, concise minerally notes as a dowry of the meager, weathered soil, and the extremely deeply rooting old vines make the wines of this site unparalleled and outstanding. We are fascinated about the wines from Kellerberg due to their filigree elegance, which can hardly be expressed in words.


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