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Back Room Wine Club Testimonials

"My wife and I were on our first trip to the Napa Valley in the summer of 2007 and came upon the Back Room Wine Store. The name intrigued us so we popped in. In just a few moments we noticed the great selection, many that we had never heard of. Dan was with a few other customers and when he was done came over and asked if he could help us with anything. Talking with Dan you could tell he was very passionate about his wine. One thing led to another, shipping back east etc, and he told us about the Wine Club.
We decided to try a couple of shipments and see how it was. After the first shipment we were hooked. Along with the spectacular selections there was always a little note about the wine, detailing the characteristics and so on.
We look forward to each shipment and have never been disappointed. It's truly a unique wine club experience."
Chester and Jen Warren
Upstate New York

"I have been ordering wines from Back Room Wines for about a year. Daniel Dawson was recommended to me by a friend who is extremely knowledgeable about wine and Back Room Wines has lived up to its reputation.
It started out as a quarterly gift for my parents and we were all so impressed with all the wines that Back Room sent us that I have gone to monthly shipments as the gift and signed up myself as well.
This is the first wine club that I have been truly impressed with and like every wine.
Back Room Wines is a pleasure to work with."
Zhenya Yoder
San Francisco, CA

The wine club at Back Room Wines is fantastic.  I gave Back Room Wines a pretty long list of my preferences; every wine has completely hit the mark.  I don't think that's ever happened.  More importantly, I really appreciate the responsiveness and the genuine desire to ensure that I'm happy with everything.  Before the shipments they give me a heads up that it's about to ship. Most importantly, after I get the wine, I get a note asking what I thought.  I'm really happy with the level of service and quality of the picks.  
Hussain Al-Shorafa
New York, NY

Clay Gregory at Tasting
"If we could belong to only one wine club, it would be the Back Room Wine Club.  We can't think of a better way to add to our drinking or cellaring pleasure than to take advantage of the great variety of wines that the merchants at Back Room offer.  This is no boilerplate wine club, but rather a hand-picked selection of wines that not only meet our palates, but also expand our tastes with their variety.  In short, Back Room Wine Club simply adds to our enjoyment of life!"
Lynne & Nick Barbatsis
Willamette Valley, Oregon

What makes the Back Room Wine Club the absolute best is that they hand pick wines for me. 
It's not the customary "pick a category and get what everyone else does" system they use.  I get 6 bottles of wine (actually I request 5 wines and 1 champagne) hand selected that I know I will love and at a good price.
Grant Bowman
Encinitas, California

"I’ve enjoyed working with Back Room Wines and Owner Daniel Dawson for several years now.  
They always has great recommendations and great selections--I feel their hands-on effort allows for a boutique “cared for” experience.  Dan and Back Room Wines is definitely my 'go to' for wine!"
Gary Davi
Newport Beach, CA

Ryan Hodgins at Back Room Wines"The $30, $40 and $50 wines that I buy from Back Room Wines' California Wine Club taste as good or better than the more popular $80 or $100 bottles I've purchased here at home on the east coast. BRW has ever more interesting, smaller production wines for about ? the price that I am used to paying for top-shelf bottles. Wines such as Fountainhead Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamba Zinfandel come to mind as particular favorites. I am never disappointed."
Jonathan Weinrieb
Washington, DC

"Back Room Wines continues to exceed my expectations with every wine shipment. By combing great tasting and hard-to-find wines with superior personal service, Back Room Wines Napa Cabernet club is unlike any other. I have tried other clubs - both inexpensive clubs as well as priceless clubs - but none has come close to BRW. Personalized selections tailored to your own preferences and tasting notes written by the owner make BRW more of wine concierge and less of a traditional wine club. BRW has been choosing my wine going on five years now, and I still get excited when my quarterly Napa Valley wine club shipment arrives."
Luckey McDowell
Plano, Texas

"I have been a member of the Back Room Wines club since 2004. The wines have been consistently interesting and of excellent quality. Dan Dawson finds little known wineries that are distinctive and unusual. He is very knowledgeable, service-oriented and even funny on occasion. While I also am a member of clubs at three wineries and one other focused exclusively on cabs, Dan brings a dimension that is unique to my cellar. We recommend anyone to call Back Room Wines and join wine club. Thanks, Back Room Wines."
Bruce Boulware
San Francisco, California

Tom Farella at Back Room Wines"We stumbled across Back Room Wines during an online search for a Napa B&B and considered it fate! After our first shipment we knew we would stay enrolled as long as the club was offered, and even enrolled my parents as a holiday gift. Every wine we receive is a winner, and nothing we could ever find at our stores at home. Dan Dawson asked what we liked and every three months, we get six fabulous bottles. We carefully plan when we are going to open them up, and make sure the menu is up to par! And my parents enjoy their shipments so much that they've asked for the Back Room Wine club as their holiday gift every year."
Jennifer Baker
Honolulu, Hawaii

"We love our Back Room Wine Club membership. They ship us a half case or case wine, whichever we request, each month. We choose some but mostly Dan picks some real exciting wines for us - reds with an occasional white. Our friends are jealous. We are impressed with the selection we get each time whether it is an inexpensive wine or over the top of our price range. The picks are fantastic. Getting our Back Room Wines sure beats driving four hours one way to Phoenix to stock up on wine. Thanks, Back Room Wines, for your wine knowledge. Our friends say thanks, too."
Bob Zollinger
Gallup, NM
Drew Neiman at Back Room Wines

Neiman Cellars at Back Room Wines

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